BRICS Academy, with great years of expertise, delivers specialized classroom training for students experiencing the Chartered Accountancy program. We help the candidates to face the entrance examinations with greater confidence leading to their primary emergence as qualified accountants. This conscious pursuit of excellence leads to the Academy’s alumni picking up a number of All-India ranks at the CA, CS, ACCA, SET and AILET examinations.

As one of the prominent CA coaching centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we have drawn the major attention of students from Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. With numerous All India ranks, including a strong professional force allied with its activities, the BRICS Academy has emerged as the main distributor of classroom instruction.

With a strong and impending will power, we focus on right insolence and conceptual clarity, delivering personal attention with an aim being carrying out exceptional outcomes. The dedication and experience of the faculty Members, who are specialists in every area of study, has richly contributed to the BRICS Academy's amazing results and accolades.


Being one of the CA coaching centres in Hyderabad and Bangalore, our main focus is on devotion and commitment to work, distribution of relevant academic information, and presenting the success path to students who come to us with faith.

Our Values include-






 Mutual Self-Respect


As one of the proficient CA coaching centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad, our vision is to be a Forerunner in conveying Quality Education and Knowledge in the field of Finance, Management, Taxation, Accounting, Assurance, Business Law, and Systems. To deliver an operative and convenient platform through Classes, Books and Research Backing, for students pursuing proficient courses in their respective subject fields.


BRICS, one of the best CA coaching centres in Hyderabad, is driven by a team of well-experienced Professionals and educationists. We believe in quality education and would deliver students with the essential knowledge with business awareness and build assurance to excel in their preferred profession. Our goal is to prepare students for satisfying, exciting careers and to deliver an exceptional space for personal development.

 We believe in delivering professional CA coaching with a goal of providing the perfect guidance and training till completion of the course to make dynamic professionals, that too at the most reasonable fee structure.

 The principal objective of our coaching is to deliver our students an education that allows them to be creative and fulfilled professionals all over their career.

 We cherish our students to make them able to communicate thoughts to others in a comprehensive and understandable manner.

 Our coaching is satisfactorily flexible to let students learn with great comfort.

 We conduct regular seminars and motivation meetings by experts which will allow students with complete orientation of their individual grooming.


Spacious & Digital Classrooms

Big and spacious classrooms fully equipped with Audio transmission systems, Video projectors, Whiteboards and Overhead projectors.

Hostel Facility

On demand hostel facility is there for both boys and girls with hygienic rooms and good food.

Library Facility

Library facility is there to sit and study for as long as you want and get books issued for your revisions at no additional cost.

Doubt Classes

Exceptional space for doubt clarifications so that when you go out of BRICS Academy, we ensure that you will be having only knowledge and no doubts.


We deliver you the free of cost printed notes in easy language prepared by our own faculty in order to give the students a better understanding of each subject.


 Spacious Class Rooms with sufficient Ventilation

 Comfort Seating Arrangement

 Facility of Purified Drinking Water

 Dust-Free High Quality White Boards

 Projector and Laptop Facility for Audio – Video presentations

 Separate Toilets for Boys and Girls with hygienic condition